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If your transport company is looking for a partner that offers certainty and stability, we are ready to meet your expectations. Our forwarding company is part of the EVEX Capital Group, which includes companies such as SPOT1, SPOT2, and Logistic-Evex, which means that you can count on our reliability and many years of experience.

Our EVEX Capital Group Guarantee Offer:

Financial Solidity

Our membership in the EVEX Capital Group means that we are a financially stable partner. You can be sure that your interests are protected.


Knowledge and experience

Thanks to our membership in a renowned group, we have access to knowledge and experience that benefit our partners. You can benefit from our experts and know-how.


Consistent Business Processes

We are an integrated part of the EVEX Capital Group, which means that our business processes are consistent and consistent with the highest standards. This gives you a guarantee of quality of service.


Innovative solutions

As part of the EVEX Capital Group, we are up to date with news and innovations in the forwarding industry. Our offer is enriched with modern solutions.


Diverse Possibilities

Our group has diverse companies and business areas. This means we can provide you with a variety of transportation and logistics solutions.


Customer Support

Our customer service team operates in accordance with the values ​​of the EVEX Capital Group – that is, customer-oriented and professional. We are here to help you at every stage of cooperation.